Logbook is a very old maritime inventory, which means “Seyir Defteri” in Turkish and in which the entire operation of a ship from the point of departure to the destination is recorded. This tool, which is the black box of ships, sheds light on the past and is the only router for the healthy progress of future operations and organizations.

Logbook is a transport organizer based on this philosophy. Just as the logbook is a tool that ensures that the entire flow is gathered at
a single point, the progress of the processes from a single point in transportation organizations is the basic element of operative efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Logbook was built on a working system that simplifies the communication channels of its stakeholders and saves time while adopting fast, practical, solution-oriented working principles in logistics organizations.

Our Mission

To be a company that is sensitive to the environment, respectful to the individual, aims at continuous development, and has the ability to grow with all its stakeholders, especially its employees

Our Vision

To be a national company that maintains it’s growth momentum every year.

In today’s business life, the most important cost item of the changing and globalizing economy has been the source of “time”. As supply chains expand from countries to countries and from continents to continents, time management in operative procurement processes has reached a critical point. Especially the pandemic period has shown that the global economy and supply chain have very fragile structures in the face of extraordinary situations. In this case, it is not possible to consider human follow-up and planning separately from the whole as much as the digitalization of process managements and making them flexible with automation systems.

At this point, the need for a boutique service mentality of logistics operations is clearly evident. LOGBOOK was designed with the dream of an organization that builds, it’s foundations entirely on this discipline and continues on its way in this direction. As an organization, we act with a perspective that gives equal importance to digitalization and human resource investment. We see it as one of our top priorities to keep our communication channels with our stakeholders social, direct and simple, while monitoring processes and data processing orders with digital infrastructure.